ADOLYNE and THE WEIR – “Dummies” Split Cassette release
Saturday, March 05, 2022 at 10pm

ADOLYNE and THE WEIR – “Dummies” Split Cassette release
Saturday, March 5th, 2022
10pm sharp
19+ with Valid ID

The ‘Dummies’ split Cassette single is a tribute to Bristol’s Portishead brokered between Western Canadian heavy music mainstays THE WEIR and ADOLYNE. The A side of this limited release sees The Weir’s hauntingly spare and utterly crushing interpretation of “Roads” paired with Adolyne’s raw and tragic rendition of “Glory Box” (featuring guest strings by respectfulchild and Nicole Atkings), while the B side showcases a massive sonic divergence by way of solo artist CHAD MUNSON, repurposing the original sound sources from The Weir and Adolyne into virtually unrecognizable new terrain.
This Cassette-only release features design and hand-screened album art by frequent Adolyne collaborator CATE FRANCIS and will be available exclusively through live events. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Adolyne =
“…really fucking good if abrasion, self-loathing, discord and flirtations with the edge of out of control gets you hard/wet.” – Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine
“More than a band, it’s a primal scream, a rejection of comfort, and a point of convergence for all extremes and abysses” – Metal Oddities

The Weir =
“sometimes projecting panoramic vistas of blasted landscapes, sometimes dragging the listener into deep sinkholes of congealing tar, sometimes casting spells of forlorn and heart-aching beauty, sometimes rolling like massive tank attacks, sometimes bringing down the house (and its foundations) in cataclysms of soul-crushing destructiveness. “ – No Clean Singing