Amigos Cantina
Saturday, October 05, 2019 at 10pm

Somnambulist Sound System presents an evening sonic abuses, sour notes, and black t-shirts.
SOUL MATES (Homecoming show!)
October 5th, 2019 – NOISE STARTS AT 10PM SHARP

“…really fucking good if abrasion, self-loathing, discord and flirtations with the edge of out of control gets you hard/wet.” – Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine
“More than a band, it’s a primal scream, a rejection of comfort, and a point of convergence for all extremes and abysses” – Metal Oddities

The Great Sabatini (Montreal)
Montreal tinnitus giants return to Saskatoon after WAY too long!
An aggressive mixture of noise rock, doom, hardcore, and metal wrapped up in a burly sludge aesthetic.
“The Great Sabatini continue to deliver a near-perfect blend of aggression and eccentricity” – Subterranean

Blue Youth (Regina)
Noisey, mathy, catchy, heavy times. So much volume, so much awesome. Supporting their bruising new EP “Deaf Mode”!
“exciting and bold all the way through….lively executed, carrying the band’s characteristic fervency, resulting into something utterly daring, dark and enigmatic. ” – Destroy/Exist

Soul Mates
The Official return!
‘an ill-mannered rock ‘n’ roll outfit with tweaked-out riffs for miles and swagger to burn. They have the elusive severity of classic hardcore, but with an evolved and bizarre approach to tapping into that sound.’ – Some guy