Ambient Observatory Vol 1 ~ Mosaias & Open Window (Back Room)
Sunday, September 11, 2022 at 7:30pm

Ambient Observatory Vol. 1, featuring:

Mosaias is Stephen Cooley. An exploration of formless repetition and structured improvisation through guitar, found, and synthetic sound(s). Mosaias is.

Open Window is the experimental electronic project of Peter Grier. Conceived in 2018 as an outlet for his more experimental recordings and performances, Open Window re-purposes the many 4-track recordings Grier has made since 2007 as source material for lo-fi loops and samples that morph into both rhythmic and ambient pieces.

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Ambient Observatory is a monthly gathering place for sonic explorers, sound artists, noise junkies, tonal architects, drone zoners, beat crafters, atonal reactives, and everything else that skirts the margins of sound & music. To be considered for upcoming events in this series, please submit links to your work by email to:
These early evening events are graciously hosted on the second Sunday of each month at Amigos Cantina (in the back room) with audio equipment generously provided by PR Productions.