Ambient Observatory Vol 2, Darren Miller & Tiess McKenzie
Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 8pm

Ambient Observatory Vol 2.
Sunday, Oct 16th 7:30pm Door, 8pm Show
@Amigos Cantina (Backroom)

Darren Miller
Tiess McKenzie

~About Darren Miller:
Darren Miller is a composer of research-based art music, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Treaty 6 territory. His practice embraces both conventional instrumentation and its extension through technological means. Darren’s work has been presented in a variety of diverse, international venues; ranging from traditional concert halls and radio broadcasts, to art galleries and experimental music collectives. Studies in Saskatoon, Victoria, Banff, Darmstadt, and Buffalo have led to a PhD in music composition for work on the topic of audio morphing software. Darren was formerly co-founder and co-director of Sask New Music and the annual Strata Festival of New Music.

~About Darren’s Performance:
The average life expectancy for a canadian male is 82 years. On October 16th local composer and sound artist Darren Miller will be turning 41, reaching the projected mid-point for his demographic. Through his preferred live performance setup (max/msp) Darren will attempt to musically retrace his first 41 years of life from present to pre-birth in reverse chronological order (“Benjamin Button Style” -Chelsea Smith). Looking back over this span from the potentially literal vantage point of midlife is an attempt to grapple with the estimated remaining years ahead.

~About Tiess McKenzie:
Tiess McKenzie is a (com)Poser and Trombonist from Saskatoon. He is interested in exploring performance practice, soundscapes, and technology; he tries to do this through trombone improvisation, field recordings, and spending too much time on the computer.

~About Ambient Observatory:
Ambient Observatory is a monthly gathering place for sonic explorers, sound artists, noise junkies, tonal architects, drone zoners, beat crafters, atonal reactives and everything else that skirts the margins of sound & music.
These early evening events are graciously hosted the second Sunday of each month at Amigos Cantina (back room) with equipment provided by PR Productions.

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