Amigos Cantina
Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 10pm

2018 Bowl Riders Classic Afterparty
Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
19+ w/ Valid ID
Tickets available at the door.

COME EARLY & STAY LATE! $3.75 highballs/$6 doubles + $4.50 bottles of Boh from 9-10pm & 1-2am.

ANCIENT PIG – Featuring members of S’toon groops Radiation Flowers, SRA, Raeburn and The Switching Yard, their noisy Cramps-oid monster meth mash is recommended for fans of The Black Angels, snotty Dylan rants, beer busts etc. Pete Henderson, S’toons one man VOX army, will entertain you.

Black Thunder’s heavy psychedelia has been mutating in subterranean Regina Saskatchewan since 2009. Drawing upon the musical instincts of a trio of metal-and-psych-adjacent album hunters, their music builds in the borderlands between the labyrinths of progressive rock guitar riffs, boggy 70s hard psych basslines, and the amphetamine alleyways of proto-glam drumming.

Denim Machine – Boogie Rock that will kick you in the ass, featuring members from local Calgary bands Mancub, Frankie McQueen and Falcon.

Ki The Tree is a 4 piece mathy instrumental band from Saskatoon, SK