Ancient Pig, Holy Void and Ultra Mega!
Friday, November 08, 2019 at 10pm

Ancient Pig

Toontown’s Ancient Pig are vital proof that garage rock is a completely immortal genre of music. No matter the year or fashion, there is always a need for a band of heroes with ramshackle fuzz guitars, a thunderous rhythm section and desperate vocals evoking the spirit of Pebbles and Back From The Grave compilation albums to reaffirm the truisms of rock and roll.

Holy Void (WPG)

Holy Void is a nightmare inducing psychedelic quartet hailing from the wintery abyss of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.
Joining forces in the Summer of 2014 they blend surf inspired guitar tones, moog keyboard, and tons of atmospheric feedback to create an aphotic trance.

Ultra Mega (WPG)

Much like their rural metropolis of Winnipeg, Ultra Mega shuffles on the crossroads of country and town, the horseman proud and mounted but disgraced by the fleeting conquests of the city. With delicate psychedelia, dreamy pop, and calm, cool lyricism, let Ultra Mega chaperone you through the glories, romances and defeats of the bittersweet knight. Get swooned!

Cover charge is $10
19+ show
Doors at 9pm, Music at 10pm