Cadence Weapon w/ Fat Tony and Hua Li
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 9pm

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018
19+ w/ Valid ID
Tickets available at Amigos or Online (link below) starting Wednesday, May 23rd at 10am.

“I’m actually extremely social!”

It feels like a strange statement for Rollie Pemberton to make but the rapper, who goes by Cadence Weapon, is afraid his music over the years may have convinced people otherwise.

Pemberton’s decade-plus career has, in some ways, operated in a solipsistic vacuum — one that has allowed the Edmonton native to experiment and develop his craft over the course of three Polaris Music Prize-nominated albums. But, on his new album (his first in five years), he’s ready to open up.

“In the past, I didn’t trust other people to bring my vision all the way to completion,” he says, over a cup of coffee in Toronto. It’s a process that he admits, in retrospect, felt “a little lonely” because he not only wrote and performed everything by himself, but he also created the beats as well; a true solo project for Pemberton, who had trouble finding contemporaries let alone collaborators in his hometown.

Fat Tony stands at the forefront of new generation of young rappers who get it themselves—a DIY hustler who’s built his burgeoning career on a foundation equal parts smarts and swagger. The Houston MC owns the mike with a casual confidence, workmanlike in his delivery whether laidback or lyrical, embodying a new brand of enlightened Southern that’s as likely to tip back some lean on your front porch as sit down and school you on Dadaism. Through his simmering solo work and boundary-busting collaborations with Das Racist and A$AP Rocky, among others, Fat Tony has already launched a legacy.

Hua Li 化力’s hazy R&B and revolutionary rap cuts to the bone and shakes your frail ass to the ground. Following the underground success of her 2013 mixtape, The Bound Feat, Hua Li released her Za Zhong EP with producer Gloze in 2015. She is also an active DJ, having held residencies at Montreal’s Royal Phoenix Bar, Notre Dames des Quilles and Korova Thursdays. Subversive and sexy, Hua Li is Canada’s only half-Chinese, half-militant, half-rapper.