Amigos Cantina
Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 7pm

Are you a woman, female identifying or genderqueer individual? Are you interested in trying stand-up comedy? Are you looking for tips on getting started? Maybe you’re just interested in writing rather than performing! Join us on July 26, 2018 for our very first Comedy Writing Workshop for Women! We will gather for 60 to 90 minutes each month. This will allow women from all walks of life to build a sense of community and feel empowered when entering the world of comedy! Whether this is your first time or your 100th time, please join us!

This will be a monthly event, where you can hear tips on writing comedy, starting out in stand-up and learn about the comedy scene in Saskatoon. You will also have the opportunity to work on your own material, in a safe, friendly round-table atmosphere with other women. We will work on material; help one another out by listening to other perspectives and work-shopping different ideas. Don’t worry if you do not yet have any material or jokes written. That’s what this event is here for.

Each month we will also have a professional comedian come in to chat with the group, to offer stories and advice. The guest comedian will also be able to take a few questions, so you can hear from an expert, what you’ve always wanted to know about stand-up comedy. Our first comedian on July 26th will be the incredibly funny Myles Morrison!

Myles Morrison – SiriusXM says “Myles Morrison is real deal hilarious.” As an internationally touring comedian, Saskatoon born Myles Morrison has been lighting up stages all over the world, performing in 12 different countries overseas for NATO soldiers. With appearances on CBC’s Laugh Out Loud, SiriusXM’s Laugh Attack and Bite TV’s Comedy Time, Myles consistently wins over crowds with his lovable personality and captivating stage presence. In 2011 Myles was a finalist in SiriusXM’s “Canada’s Top Comic” and the Cottage Country Comedy Festival called him “one of the funniest comedians in Canada.” Myles’ debut album “Uncommon Nonsense” can regularly be heard on SiriusXM’s Canada Laughs, and his comedy sketches were official selections at the YYComedy Festival. Myles’ clever blend of observations and comedic opinions immediately grab the whole audience’s attention and never let it go. His wit, charm and quirky view of the world will leave your sides sore from laughing.

Check Myles out here:

There is no admission fee for this event. There will be a tip jar at the end, where you can pay what you like. Food and drinks will be available for order through Amigos Cantina. This event is only for women, female identifying and genderqueer individuals. Sorry men, you’ll have to sit this one out.