Emo Night 2019 feat: The EMOtions, Killjoy, Youngbloods
Friday, August 23, 2019 at 10pm

Emo Night 2019!!!

Saskatoons first annual emo night bringing on the nostalgia all night with emo cover songs!!! the world has become a different place with emo music basically now just a phase now! lets relive our childhoods and begin new eras!!!

featuring bands:

The EMOtions
A team of people who came together too plan one unforgettable night to nostalgic the world remembers us…

Killjoy hails from the Canadian Prairies and has become reowned for their contagious energy on stage and good ole fist pumping pop punk fun for the crowd.

Youngblood’s are a high energy, explosive pop punk/hardcore band based of our Lethbridge