Geoffroy w/ Fintan
Monday, February 24, 2020 at 8pm

Geoffroy w/ Guests
Monday, February 24th, 2020
Tickets available in advance at Amigos and Online (link below)
19+ w/ Valid ID
$10 advance/$15 day of (if still available)
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COME EARLY & STAY LATE! $3.75 highballs/$6 doubles + $4.50 Boh from 9-10pm & 1-2am. Self-serve water station available for a responsible evening!

Geoffroy is a Montreal based singer, songwriter, multi-
instrumentalist and producer.

After debuting in 2015 with the Soaked In Gold EP, he released
his first full length album, Coastline, in March 2017 to critical
and commercial success, earning the top spot for electronic album
in Canada a spot on the Polaris Music Prize long list and more
than 25 million streams worldwide.

With an explorer’s spirit and a deep background in theory and
instrumentation, the project was hailed for its unique mixture of
folk structures, electronic production and a unique sonic pallet
– the result of Geoffroy’s many years travelling the world.

The following two years marked an emotional period for Geoffroy,
defined by extensive touring, world travel, creative trials and
most significantly, the loss of his mother who succumbed to a
long battle with Cancer during the writing process.

Hi, my name is Fintan. Along with my first EP Then We Fall, the songs I’m writing are the closest I’ve come in the journey of figuring myself out, and the culmination of years of writing, busking, and recording. My goal has always been to be as deeply honest as possible in my music — to take what I create from my most personal feelings, written in the loneliest hours, and make it available for anybody to listen to. It sounds scary, and I suppose it is, but when you really feel that what you’ve made is true to yourself, it’s comforting to know that whoever hears it will understand who you are. All I’ve ever wanted was for my songs to connect with as many people as possible, and hopefully be there for them in the moments when music is the only answer.

I started writing songs at age 9 and that’s all I’ve wanted to do since. I grew up performing countless shows with my brother, sister, and father in our family band, busking on the streets of western Canada all through my teenage years. I logged my 10,000 hours as a musician and discovered the joy of winning over an audience with my voice and acoustic guitar. After years of building that foundation, I got excited to explore a different kind of musical palette around my songs and break away from the acoustic leanings that I’d grown comfortable with. So when I turned 20 last year, I decided that the next chapter of my songwriting should be elevated by modern production and influenced by the pop music I love, while still staying true to my singer-songwriter roots.