JJ White “Rewind” Album Release
Friday, February 21, 2020 at 10pm

FINALLY!!! Excited to announce I will be having an Album release show Feb 21st at Amigos and I would love for you all to join… this record has been in the works for awhile and many people have worked hard to make it become a reality.. I wish I could say I have the ability to put something like this together myself but that just isn’t the case… produced by the very talented Mr. Hal Schrenk, engineered by Matthew Facca and mastered by Trevor Case! I am so happy with how everything turned out and can’t wait to pump out more music with this production team….this time we won’t make you wait as long ; )

The night will kick off with The Soulmate Collective, like the name says… a soulful collection of local musicians I am sure you will love. If you are unaware of their music, please check them out! Personally they are one of my faves, really honoured to have them play!

Merch and of course physical copies of the record will be for purchase at the show!