LadyBits Improv Celebrates International Men’s Day! (and Amigos!)
Monday, November 19, 2018 at 7:30pm

Amigos’ Cantina is turning 30, and we’re joining the party! Join us for a very special show on the main stage.

We’ll be inviting some Fancy Friends up with us! We’ll be improvising with Heather Morrison stage actor extraordinaire, Stephanie Massicotte from CTV and Adreanna Boucher from Off the Cuff Improv in Prince Albert!

Tickets are $10.00* at the door.

*By sheer coincidence, we’ve discovered our show falls on International Men’s Day, which is a thing, apparently. So for one night only, dudes who tell us one thing they do or have done to smash the patriarchy and support women will only pay $7.00 — in other words they’ll only pay 70% of what women do that night.