The Garrys w/ Dump Babes and Grimelda / Winterruption ’23
Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 9pm

Winterruption SK presents The Garrys with Dump Babes and Grimelda
Sunday, January 29, 2023
9:00 PM / Amigos Cantina
Cups N Cakes Showcase!

The Garrys:
The Garrys are a trio of sisters from the coldest part of the landlocked Canadian prairies. Formed in the spring of 2015, The Garrys use layered 3-part blood harmonies, hazy sun-bleached melodies, classic lo-fi guitar tones, and syncopated surf beats to create a unique “doom-wop” sound, dripping with dark nostalgia and touched by psychedelic dread. Their music is likely to leave you with an urge to do the Watusi, bittersweet thoughts about slow-dancing with your middle school crush, or a nagging feeling that it’s not quite safe to go back into the water.
Dump Babes:
Dump Babes combines catchy, disco-pop hooks that straddle the sexiness of the ‘60s with folksy melodies reminiscent of the carefree culture of the ‘70s. The debut studio album niýa kîminîcâkan is still fresh from the press following its April release, and marks an evolution for the band. Still channeling psych and folk-rock, the disco factor has been turned up for a set of irresistibly danceable tunes.
Wolfe’s lyrics have always centered around themes of colonialism, Indigenous displacement, and identity. In niýa kîminîcâkan album, she further explores these concepts through a contemporary lens, rejecting commodified stereotypes of Indigeneity, and embracing her status as a full-time dirtbag.
Grimelda (formerly known as The Faps) has re-birthed as a really really really good band with unhinged rock songs that take art-punk to weird levels of amazing awesomeness. The “New Daft Punk” EP highlights the start of an era of collaborations and genre-blending like the world has never seen! Wow. Just wow. Catch this ineffable monster of sound in every single town on Earth for the rest of eternity.