Amigos Cantina
Saturday, January 04, 2020 at 10pm

Following a jam packed 2019, The Matt Remenda Ensemble, The Nico Tobias Band, and Rohs are hitting the Amigos stage in Saskatoon to kick off 2020!

10:00 PM

The Matt Remenda Ensemble:
Wielding an eclectic brand of folk/roots/jam rock, the Matt Remenda Ensemble flawlessly blends virtuosic solos with haunting and melancholic vocal harmonies. The Saskatoon based quartet, consisting of Matt Remenda (guitars and vocals), Nathan Abramyk (drums, percussion, didgeridoo), Cameron Baribeau (keys), and Michael Stankowski (bass and vocals), has been hailed as having a distinct sound that isn’t quite rock, isn’t quite country, isn’t quite punk, and isn’t quite jazz. Having just released their first album (So Long Forgotten) in 2018 and followed it up with a critically acclaimed EP (First the Heart) in 2019, the group has had a jam-packed year full of touring, beer, festivals, beer, new friends, and beer.

The Nico Tobias Band:
The Nico Tobias Band is a rock band that plays music in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (that’s a lot of commas!) Nico likes classic rock, funk and country so the band plays mostly songs that sound like that. Dad rock heroes like The Eagles, The Steve Miller Band, The Guess Who and Steppenwolf can all proudly call themselves influential in the inception of The Nico Tobias Band – an honour not everyone is graced with (Tom Spetty, Tom Shmetty.) The band – which is James O’Neill on the tom toms, Ty Coutu on the loud guitar and Jordan Ast on the quiet guitar – originally formed under the name Abbey Rodeo. When the world didn’t think that was a clever enough name to warrant showing up to their shows, Nico decided to change the name to his own name (plus “The” and “band”.) Nico’s song “Anthracite” won the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition for Canadiana, which was judged by famous people Sam Roberts and Joel Plaskett among others. The band’s debut album “No More Mr. Nico Guy” was released on July 18th, 2019 and it’s really good. In spite of the album title, Nico continues to be a very nice young man, and he would be happy to sell you a cd or t-shirt if you see him out in the world.

A new project and direction loaded with a bundle of raw-cut songs tied together with intricate melodies and woven with hints of folk-rock roots. Rohs is a cast of musicians fronted by Joel Rohs brought together to form something unique and original.